hoopili homes for sale by d.r. horton hawaii

hoopili kapolei concept

2/28/20: New Aulu & Olena Lottery Releases. Official Prices & How to Apply For Lottery near bottom of the page.

The Ho’opili master plan is a D.R. Horton Hawaii development and represents one of the few neighborhoods offering Oahu new homes. With nearly 12,000 homes planned over 1,500 acres, Hoopili homes for sale will provide much needed relief to Oahu residents that have long been plagued by limited housing supply and “affordable” homeownership opportunities and with that, we’re excited to say that the developer will also offer a limited selection of units for sale under Honolulu Affordable Housing guidelines.

ho'opili development concept

The developer has placed the sense of “Community” at the heart of the Hoopili Kapolei project and we’ll see that brought to life through the construction of ample outdoor and active living spaces, access to seven recreation centers with pools, playgrounds, as well as future planned restaurant, retail, and grocery stores. The Ho’opili development will eventually become one of Hawaii’s most self sustainable and family friendly neighborhoods in the offering an unmatched lifestyle of ease and convenience.


Prospective homebuyers interested in purchasing a home for sale at Ho’opili have a wide selection of options to choose from. Below are the various styles of living within the community and each style typically offers many floor plans with slight variations, both with and without garage options:

  • Hoopili Affordable Housing Townhomes & Condos
  • Single level townhomes, upstairs or downstairs
  • 3 story townhomes
  • FLEX Homes that allow for operation of various business types
  • Plantation Style Single Family Homes with carports
  • Single Level Single Family Ho’opili Homes
  • Split Level Single family Homes
  • Single Family Homes with ADU* Options

*ADU’s or “Accessory Dwelling Units” are a unique and highly desirable home option as it provides a separate living space attached the Ho’opili home. These units have kitchenettes and appeal to families who may have extended family wishing to live on property or, it could be used as a rental unit, allowing the homeowner to offset their mortgage costs.


Located just north of the newly built Ka Makana Ali’i Mall and White Plains surfing beach, there are a variety of opportunities for entertainment, dining, shopping, and beach activities; all within a mere bike ride’s away! Ho’opili owners will have premier access to to three rail stations providing an alternative means of commuting to Honolulu Airport and on to Metro-Honolulu, Kakaako, and Ala Moana for work and play!

ho'opili development map

Location is by the far the greatest natural amenity to Ho’opili home owners as you have access to all of your everyday needs within a 5 mile radius. Most of which will allow you to ditch the car and jump on your bike to some of the best shopping, dining, entertainment, and beach opportunities that the region has to offer. Here’s a look at some of the key geographical insights to help give you the “Lay of the Land” so to speak:

  • Ka Makana Alii Mall | 2.7mi | Shopping, Theaters, Cheesecake Factory, California Pizza Kitchen, SURA Korean BBQ, 24HR Fitness & MUCH more.
  • KROC Center | 1.3mi | School, Church, Fitness Center, Pool, Cafe, by membership.
  • White Plains Beach | 6.4mi | Closest beach to H’opili, Board Rentals, BBQ Pavilions, & more
  • Costco, Target, Home Depot | 4.6mi
  • Golf Courses | Hoakalei, Ewa Villages, Hawaii Prince, & Coral Creek Golf Courses all within a 5mi radius
  • Honolulu Airport | 14.8mi | Roughly 20 minutes without traffic, however, Ho’opili residents will have an on-site rail station providing direct access to the airport, allowing you to leave the car at home as you get away!
  • Ko Olina Resort | 10.5mi | Marriott, Disney’s Aulani Resort, Paradise Cove Luau, Atlantis Resort(coming soon), Four Season Resort, & numerous public beach and dining opportunities
  • Schofield Barracks & Fort Shafter | 18.7mi | Can you use your Hawaii VA Loan to Purchase at Ho’opili? Check out our blog on the topic HERE!
  • Joint Base Pearl Harbor & Hickam | 14.8mi


That old cliche was always meant to be taken figuratively but when referencing Ho’opili; it’s literally speaking! Ho’opili will the only neighborhood on Oahu to feature 3 of the 21 Honolulu Authority Rapid Transportation(HART) stations spanning a 20-mile long corridor that ends at Ala Moana Center. The Ho’opili stations and the estimated ride time to Ala Moana Center is as follows:

  • Kualaka’i (East Kapolei) | 42 min.
  • Keone’ae (UHWest Oahu) | 40 min.
  • Honouliuli (Ho’opili) | 36 min.

ho'opili rail station

If you have visited the Ho’opili neighborhood in the last year or two then you have undoubtedly seen the HART construction, as the elevated rail track threads the western border of the neighborhood on Kualakai Parkway. Not only does Ho’opili have the most HART Stations, they will see the first completed station, rumored to open as early Q1 2020. This is extremely exciting news for those who live in the region as Kapolei & Ewa is subjected to some pretty frustrating rush hour commutes at times. The Ho’opili rail stations will provide a welcomed alternative means of transportation to key destinations like Pearl Harbor, Aloha Stadium, Downtown Honolulu, Kakaako, Ala Moana, and more.

Take a peek at the artist renderings below as they provide a conceptual idea of what urban Ho’opili may look when the neighborhood fully matures over the next 20 years. The wide, pedestrian and bike friendly side walks coupled with the premier proximity to rail stations provide a more “accessible” community; something the City of Honolulu has been very intentional about as of late through Transit-Oriented Development planning.

hoopili rail station

ho'opili rail station


So we’ve given you some context surrounding the Ho’opili lifestyle outside of the community boundaries, but how about life within the community? Fortunately, developer D.R. Horton Hawaii understands the integral role that Hawaii’s natural element plays in our every day lives and they to it. Although we’re still seeing Ho’opili in it’s infancy, we will inevitably see the the community come alive as the Ho’opili Master Plan matures. Plan for numerous parks, playgrounds, swimming pools, community centers, pavilions, as well as future planned grocery stores, dining, and entertainment within the neighborhood.

This is an active community and why wouldn’t it be;  Ewa Region provides more sunny days than almost every other region on island. Wide sidewalks and ample green spaces provide miles of bike and jogging paths for the family and pets.

konane park at ho'opili

Above you’ll see the Hoopili Park named “Konane,” which serves as the first park and playground area in the neighboorhood. Featuring various jungle gym equipment and a vast amount of green space for dogs and kids to play. Mark your calendar and join Hoopili Yoga at The Park every Thursday from 5:30-6:30! Picnic tables and water fountains provide ample seating area for a weekend picnic with the family under the sunny Ewa sky! But don’t worry, the pavilion area provides a large amount of shaded area for covered gatherings.

konane park pavilion at hoopili

The nearby community garden will be a thing of beauty and residents are encouraged to participate in the effort. Five brand new schools are in the plans, as well as further development of dining, retail, and entertainment spaces that will permit owners a convenient and stimulated lifestyle in a community that has long been pinned as Oahu’s “Second City.” A master association fee of $59 will persist for all homes in the Ho’opili development.

yoga at konane park in ho'opili

The Ho’opili site was once home to 1,500 acres of agricultural land and to memorialize it, the community promotes one of the most cultural and environmentally innovative features in planting fruit and “food” trees throughout the neighborhood. Take a spin through Konane Park and you’ll find Ulu(breadfruit) and Avocado trees planted around the park that are already bearing fruit. Cool, right?


The below communities are those that are actively announcing NEW home lottery releases at the project. We see these released through “phases” throughout the year and we provide Email and/or Text updates to those that sign up on our INTEREST LIST, announcing the Number of Homes Released, Official pricing, as well as the Application Deadline & Lottery Drawing dates. If you would like to stay in the know on all things Ho’opili, be sure to register your interest and let us know if you would like us to schedule a private tour for you at an available Ho’opili Model Home!


a'ulu at ho'opili model home

Aulu at Hoopili is the newest Single Family Home offering that nearly mimics the previous single family phase of Hoopili Iliahi. Plan for spacious, open concept floor plans consisting of duplex style, single level, and split level layouts, with two car garages, smart home features, and Accessory Dwelling Unit(ADU) options. Delivery for these new Ewa Beach homes is expected for Fall 2019. Be sure to register on the interest list within to make sure you’re the first to know about future releases and official prices of Hoopili Aulu!


kohina at hoopili 3 story townhomes

Kohina at Hoopili is the newest release of condominium townhomes in the project and is estimating first delivery of units in early 2019 and through 2020. This Kohina Hoopili project will run along campus road near University of Hawaii West Oahu and will have 3 access points via nearby thoroughfares. We expect to see 7 building types ranging from 3 story townhomes, flex homes, storefronts, 1 and 2 car garage options and prices ranging from $300,000 to $700,000+. In January 2020, developer D.R. Horton Hawaii released the first phase of Hoopili Condos for sale in a 4-story building named the “North Residences at Kohina.” We’ll see unrestricted Market Priced housing as well as Honolulu Affordable Housing options within the Kohina phase.


ho'oulu at ho'opili model home

Hooulu at Hoopili is another Single Family Home option at Hoopili and it will a stray off the beaten path of what’s been offered thus far. These smaller 2- and 3- bedrooms that will “allow for expansion.” Expect to see carports instead of garages as the developer is hoping to bring these homes to market starting in the low $500,000’s; a bold step in the direction of affordability for the region. You can imagine the interest that a BRAND NEW home on Oahu in the $500,000 range will gather so be prepared for some competition here. Register on the INTEREST LIST within to insure you’re the first to know when future lottery releases are announced at Hooulu Hoopili.


ilima at ho'opili model home

Ilima at Ho’opili is one of the current Townhome & FLEX home offerings within the Ho’opili project. You’ll see homes congruent with the current Kohina Phase, including Affordable Housing Releases. As far what’s currently being offered, Hoopili Ilima tends be the larger townhome choice between the two phases, also offering a yard for added outdoor living space. Sign up on the Interest List within to be the first to know about the next lottery release of Ho’opili Ilima homes!

Olena at Ho’opili | Now Accepting Applications

olena at hoopili lottery
Photo Courtesy of D.R. Horton Hawaii

Olena is the newest phase of Ho’opili homes for sale and represents the most striking design we have seen from the developer yet. We’re only going to see 32 of the Olena homes and expect them to move quick as they will feature multi-generational living arrangements with multiple master suites; some with separate entries and kitchenettes. Olena is currently offering their 2nd lottery release.


Liko at Hoopili

liko at hoopili homes for sale

Liko at Hoopili will be the single family home phase that replaces the Aulu phase that’s poised to offer their final lottery release of Hoopili homes in the next few months. It’s rumored that Liko homes will closely reflect the Aulu homes, however, Liko will feature the contemporary stylings of Olena; the premier home phase at Ho’opili that offers the most striking exteriors of any of the previous home phases. Floor plans and prices have not yet been determined. Stay tuned for more information Liko at Ho’opili as it’s released from D.R. Horton Hawaii!